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MEMBER 110 writes: 

"We're becoming increasingly annoyed by the latest round of ATO bullying and intimidation. The appalling recent letters to 'Lodge Immediately to Avoid Audit' are unnecessarily threatening. 

Worse, today we received copy of said standard letter including a list of supposedly unlodged forms on the reverse. But wait, more than half of the forms listed were already lodged more than 2 weeks prior to the date of the threat letter. Does anybody at ATO know what they are they doing ?

TAXVINE is filled each week with similar tales of systemic failures and weakness of process at the ATO. This has caused large parts of the accounting profession to lose respect for (any?) work done at ATO. If ATO continues down this path of frequent errors and intimidation, then the broader community will also disrespect the ATO.

Is this the objective, or will it merely be dismissed as an unintended consequence?"