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MEMBER 31 writes:

"Some four months ago we instituted a non-charge code in our system called 'ATO Stuff Ups' and we record a quick note with each charge as to the problem. At present we are averaging just on 20 hours per week (our firm has 15 staff).

So when we have to account for not meeting our lodgment targets, we will adjust their target by 1 return for every 3 hours lost due to their incompetency. All practitioners should do the same and the ATO might realise the effect on us, thus on them!"

MEMBER 32 writes:

"In this first year where the ATO has its purported crack down on all of us working hard as Tax Agents (by way of tightly measuring lodgments) one would assume that their own systems would be closely monitored. Instead they seem to go from bad to worse. The latest list of outstanding returns sent to us via a letter dated 20 February 2013 contained the usual errors and omissions. We are sick and tired of wasting time and effort telling the ATO what has ACTUALLY been lodged. Their records appear to be nonsense. In my practice we have therefore decided to totally ignore the ATO's reminders because they are simply either out of date, wrong, or both.

I cannot even begin to think of how much money I have lost this year with the run around given to me and my staff due to the failure of the ATO to have decent working systems."