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In 2015 TAXVINE No 4 (13 February 2015), Member 17 wrote about the ATO's continued failure to meet its own service standards and asked: "Can someone tell me where the ATO collects their data about service standards? Also is there a direct contact point to complain about failure of service standards because they are pathetic?" 


"The ATO collects data to measure our service standards from our case management system. The particular service standard is that 70% of objections are finalised in 56 calendar days of receiving all necessary information. How we perform against this service standard is published on our website under Our Commitments to Service.

We apologise that the objections were not finalised within the service standard. Where a tax practitioner is unhappy with our service, we encourage them discuss their concerns with the tax officer they have been dealing with, or talk to that officer's manager in the first instance. 

Where a tax practitioner has done this, and they are still not satisfied, they can lodge a formal complaint with the ATO by submitting the online complaints form on the Tax Agent Portal or by ringing the Tax Agent Info Line on 13 72 86 and entering fast key code 3,2,1.

If they are still dissatisfied, they can lodge a complaint with the Taxation Ombudsman."