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24 Aug 1212 On ATO services "to help make your job easier"

MEMBER 178 writes:

"The ATO has issued a 2012 quarter 4 IAS to a client with an ATO instalment rate of 1,693.90%. The rate on the previous 3 IAS was 43.84% which effectively gives an average rate of 456.35% for the year.

After having my eyesight checked I rang the ATO only to be given the standard script response - vary the rate. I wasn't prepared to accept that response and pushed the issue. The ATO officer tried hard and put me on hold on 2 occasions to consult with other staff/sections but the bottom line still was- vary the rate. There was no acknowledgment of an ATO error on the IAS or an ATO systems problem. The ATO officer did say the rate was unusual; my response was that it was impossible. The rate shown on the Portal for the same IAS was 999.9% and my software won't accept a rate above 999.9% so I cannot lodge the IAS electronically.

Once again I am left banging my head against a brick wall and will have to drop everything and prepare a time consuming 2012 tax return for the client. Perhaps the ATO will give me an extension of time to lodge the IAS. Meanwhile the Commissioner sits in his ivory tower and posts a message on the Portal stating 'We value the role you play as a registered tax agent within the tax system and are committed to providing products and services to help make your job easier'. I assume that he thinks we also believe that pigs can fly, oops, what's that flying past my window as I write?"

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