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08 Feb 1313 On ATO systems

MEMBER 17 writes:

"Client pays $15,000 to Income Tax Account in October 2012, accountant (us) sees that the amount should have been posted to Integrated Client account, so we complete transfer on 9 January 2013. Client gets demand letter today, 31 January 2013, which is dated 21 January 2013 from ATO debt collectors. Surely, these 'collectors' check everything in real time! We check client account via tax Portal and the only amount in all accounts is the $15,000 credit (client is an early payer) in the Integrated Client account for the Q2 BAS. Come on, can we not stop this wastage of time and phone calls and criticism/doubt from the client directed at us. We have to complete a full 'submission' to client to prove that it was the ATO and not us.

We now have to submit a remission request for the GIC.

What can we say - this is just bloody hopeless, we hope the new Commissioner can get the ATO systems working to everybody's advantage and not just the debt collector who I am sure will still charge a fee to us (the long suffering public through their taxes) due to ATO inefficiency."

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