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In 2014 TAXVINE No 40 (31 October 2014), Member 169 wrote about the "glaring oversimplification" contained in an important real-life example included in a document on the ATO's website entitled "Deceased estate and capital gains tax QC 17206".


"Thank you for providing feedback regarding information published on our website at QC17206. We agree that the omission of the date of acquisition of Maria’s shares and vacant land could lead to some confusion. As a result of your feedback we will be reviewing this information and making changes as necessary. 

Our website footer contains a link ‘website feedback’ that takes users to a form ‘General Comments about this web site’ and the question 3.’ Did you encounter any problems while you were using this web site?’ This allows users to provide details of problems they identify on the site.

More broadly, the ATO is aware that our public advice and guidance could be more effective, accurate and easy to access. In order to identify and effect improvements, the ATO Executive has commissioned a review into the way in which we which produce and provide that advice to the many segments of the community that seek guidance from the ATO.

We will take Member 169’s comments into account as part of this review. Furthermore, The Tax Institute has been invited to provide input into this review on behalf of the association’s membership. External feedback of this nature will ensure that recommendations from this review are driven by community needs and expectations."