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In 2014 TAXVINE No 33 (12 September 2014), Member 130 wrote about difficulties printing the entire ATO Mergers & Acquisitions Guide.


"Thank you for your feedback. The Mergers and Acquisition Guide has been removed from our website, therefore we are unable to replicate the print issue described. We have however tested the print functionality with other documents (no issues reported) and forwarded your feedback to the appropriate areas. The print friendly functionality was  released in December 2013 and provides an icon on the content page that allows users to print either the page they are viewing or the entire document. 

As part of improving we are reviewing content on the site. We are working to re-write various content and will be removing content that is either obsolete or duplicated. The Mergers and Acquisition Guide was removed from the website as part of this process and has been superseded by other content including:



You can also access our legal database and search for the relevant topic.