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MEMBER 109 writes: 

"When looking for consolidation information on, the links from Tax Professionals/Tax Topics A-Z Index/C/Consolidation now leads only to links for PAYG instalments for consolidated groups, and PAYG instalments for entities leaving a consolidated group: Link . No links to the consolidation reference manual, or list of notification events and forms etc. Previously links to all consolidation-related material was available under the Tax Topics A-Z Index. It would be appreciated if the ATO could restore the previous information available at this site.

On a similar topic, searching for 'consolidation reference manual' leads to hundreds of hits to the various sections of the manual, rather than a single result with additional links to related but separate documents. Similarly, when searching for 'market valuation guidelines', the result is some 313 hits, the first 10 pages of which repeatedly refer to the valuation guidelines for self-managed superannuation funds. It is only when page 11 of the results is reached that a link appears to the 'market valuation for tax purposes' guidelines. Given that searches are often performed without knowing exactly the title of the document that’s being sought, it would be appreciated if the ATO search engine could be refined so that it does not produce multiple hits to the same document.

Thanks to The Tax Institute for providing a forum to provide feedback direct to the ATO on these matters."

TAXVINE COMMENT: Member 109’s concerns outlined in the first paragraph appear to have been fixed in part, at least when we followed the suggested links. There are now 6  links shown, including the two mentioned by Member 109.