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MEMBER 34 writes:

"I received a letter from the ATO requiring my client to lodge a form NAT 74109 'Taxable Payments Annual  Report' as it is overdue for 2013.

To obtain the form I was required to go to the website and register or phone an automated phone number which could not understand what I was saying. (Phone call lasted 5min 48sec.) 

There was a sample form available on the website which was marked 'Sample Only'.

Why can’t this form (and other forms) be available for tax agents to download? Is there a national security matter I’m missing? Please tell me, so I don’t feel I am wasting my time trying to satisfy some bureaucratic section within the ATO that thinks everyone is a crook. 

Yours faithfully

PS The ATO letter refers to 'If you are not required to report' go to the phone number which is on the automated run around. My client is not required to report!!"