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MEMBER 140 writes: 

"I am curious to hear if anyone else is having this issue because the ATO data matching program is poorly executed and I cannot speak to anyone who knows much about it on the general information line provided on the letter.

The ATO appears to be running a data matching program to merchant transactions provided by the bank. The letter states 'you may be facing an audit'. The information provided by the banks appears to report sales including GST whereas the ATO are comparing this information to the net sales figure on the income tax return (which is net of GST). The 132866 telephone number to discuss this issue leads to the standard call centre where no one really knows anything about the program and you cannot be passed to anyone to discuss the issue. For a pretty serious letter and a pretty serious mistake, I am disappointed with this poorly designed program. Sometimes it would be nice to talk to the area responsible to alleviate concerns."