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08 Oct 1010 On being a public accountant

MEMBER 299 writes:
"I love being a public accountant.

I am increasingly enjoying my role as a public accountant as time goes by. This has occurred as I have matured and have come to more fully appreciate the vital role I play in the lives of those clients with whom I have chosen to work and who value my input.

Sure there have been events that have come along that have tested my ability to adapt, change and grow, however, I have always found it within me to do so.

For me the key to a successful professional life has been based on a solid understanding of the part it plays in the totality of my life and pursuant to this the proactive determination of what I am willing to undertake and what I reject.

For many years now I have read though the Member Feedback in the TaxVine and am saddened to read of my colleagues’ woes and constant complaints as to ATO issues.

I rarely if ever come across a positive comment.

Come on guys, we have chosen a noble profession and we all started with noble intent ... go back, search your thoughts; rebalance your lives and learn to work with the circumstances you are presented with.

Above all, I urge you all to eliminate from your lives those issues that give you angst and just get on with being the best you can be.

I say all of this with my sincere best wishes for your future."

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