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MEMBER 240 writes

"We note that the ATO's Change program may have had an effect, undesirable for some and desirable for others. For whatever reason the ATO has been reverting to a street address, from a mail box, for mailing IAS,BAS and the like. Our firm's own BAS being a case in point. Our local post office has also decided that they will not deliver to our street address, apparently the postie has a better knowledge of who operates from the premises than we do. (Another long story). So the local post office holds the mail, (behind the counter or wherever) on the basis that we, who don't know to ask for it, will in fact ask for it. If after a period of time no one collects it, surprise, surprise we don’t, they send it back to the ATO. Now this is where it gets really interesting, the ATO then decides that they had better deactivate the BAS, IAS etc so that presumably life goes on. You can go to the Portal and see that no IAS or Bas are outstanding, as they have been deactivated. The ATO does not telephone to follow up to ask the obvious questions. Must be all computer generated, go figure.

Therefore, for those who wish to deactivate a BAS or IAS without too much trouble, just send the IAS or BAS in question to the ATO and they will oblige. Mission accomplished, no dramas.

This scenario would be funny if it was not so serious. I raised the issue with the ATO and attempted to speak to my 'client Relationship Manager' and I am still waiting for a response. Nobody at the ATO would appear to want to be held accountable for the stuff up that is the 'Change' Program."

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