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MEMBER 63 writes:

“Given that companies and superfunds are under a full self-assessment regime, would it not make better sense for the ATO to allow or require software companies to print payment slips or ‘assessments’ as part of the tax return. That way our client receives the ‘assessment’ as part of the return they sign and can arrange payment either immediately or schedule it for a future date. Yes of course we can login to the ATO Portal and print a payment advice slip for the income tax account and then explain to the client that the ATO does not need to issue an assessment, but it would be far more efficient if this was done as part of the tax return processing.

I had previously raised this with the ATO at a NSW RTPWG meeting in 2011 and most other members agreed this would be an sensible improvement. The ATO advised they would look into it but are yet to implement this change. Maybe this forum can lend further support to this idea and force the ATO’s hand.”


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