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MEMBER 378 writes:

"I've noticed a few Members have commented on the ATO's decision to raise default assessments by 13 January 2011, and due to the barrage of criticism, their decision to put this date back to 17 February 2011. Personally, I don't have a problem with any date you choose (unless the work is physically in our office in which case it's reasonable to seek an extension of time to prepare the return(s)).

For the perennial non-lodgers who cannot motivate themselves to comply with the tax laws, raise the default assessments now. Use this info you have, think of a number, double it and raise the assessment. Then the flow on effect of course will be Centrelink and most definitely the Child Support Agency will have an assessment to gauge income, and issue their letters. When the non-lodgers get their assessment and we hear 'there is no way I earned that much for that year', only then will they have the financial incentive to get their act together. I have no sympathy for these people.

What I did find offensive, which no one seems to have picked up on, is the paragraph that read "If you are no longer acting for the client, tell us and where possible provide us with the latest contact details you have for the client, and forward the letter to the client or inform them that you have received it". You are on a different planet ATO. Once someone becomes a former client it is not our responsibility to continue to perform administrative tasks on your behalf. They remain your client, and it's your responsibility to chase them up, not ours.

I can't believe I don't have a 'Return to Sender' stamp in our office. We are buying one today."

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