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MEMBER 213 writes:

"I received from the ATO 'a Tax Agent Report Delayed Tax Return over 30 Days'. This was first received by email on 12/9/2012 for one client, one reason. Oh good, I thought, this is being seen to. Another email on 19/9/2012, then another on 25/9/2012, and then another on 10/10/2012 - all for the same client and the same reason.

When is the ATO going to actually do something about this refund? Or are they forever more - every fortnight - going to send me the same old email??? So much for progress with delayed refunds this year compared to last year!!! Just a complete waste of time and resources to just keep on sending emails and a waste of my time in having to read them.

I still cannot advise my client what YEAR they might receive their refund. Or is this being escalated now by the ATO to what Century?"

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