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In 2015 TAXVINE No 1 (23 January 2015), Member 3 wrote:

"As I receive my usual weekly 'Delayed Return' list of one taxpayer, I ponder: Is this just computer generated data that no ATO human ever sees or, as I strive to believe, is it also a reminder to the relevant area [in the ATO] that another week has passed and still no resolution? Is there some pre-determined point in time when the 'Delayed Return(s)' will receive priority?

I would love to know the answers."



"Without knowing the specifics of the individual tax return that is delayed we can advise the following general response. The Delayed Return report provides visibility and a reason for the delay to tax agents of individual tax returns taking longer than 30 calendar days to process.  Recent system upgrades automatically prioritise tax return processing to ensure any aged returns are processed with priority and in line with our service commitments.  In order for these returns to be successfully processed all relevant information must have been provided by the taxpayer and any third parties.  The ATO must also be satisfied that the tax returns are clear of any fraudulent activity prior to finalising."