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MEMBER 176 writes: 

"I lodged both a date of death return and a deceased estate return in mid-August. The estate return was assessed and a refund issued within 7 days which was an unbelievable processing time considering it was an estate return which usually take many months to process. The same cannot be said for the date of death return which subsequently appeared on the 'Delayed Returns' report and to this day remains in limbo. I sent a portal request on 11 September 2014 (before it appeared on the delayed returns report) for the refund to be issued but to no avail. I subsequently rang the ATO on 8 October 2014 and had the matter escalated with the promise of an assessment being issued within 12 working days. Alas, no assessment so I rang again on 3 November 2014 to be issued with another 12 working day promise of the matter being finalised.

I know what the problem is, there will be a data mismatch between the date of death return income versus the prefill report, however if someone had bothered to check the income shown in the estate return then, wonder of wonders, the total income of both returns would agree with the prefill report."