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MEMBER 119 writes:

"Just wanted to see if any other tax practitioners are having the same issues with their client’s lodgment of the annual payment summaries. My clients are receiving letters from the ATO stating the ATO has recently received payment summaries printed from their payroll software (MYOB) for 2014 and these cannot be processed. So consequently the client’s 2014 payment summaries have not been processed. The letter then goes on to say what you need to do: complete and lodge your 2014 payment summary annual report using ATO stationery or lodge the report online. The client’s software payment summaries have always been approved for plain paper. 

Of course you phone the ATO, they ask when was the paper copy was lodged, and then they advise they have not received it. How they can say they have not received it when their letter clearly states 'we recently received payment summaries'!  

Has the lodgment of these payment summaries changed for 2014? I know there is discussion for 2015 but none of my clients have received anything in writing. My clients have also been calling the ATO and then rudely been told just lodge electronically. Do you think the ATO can sort this out!? 

Another frustrating ATO issue and wasting of time for tax practitioner and clients."