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In 2014 TAXVINE No 31 (29 August 2014), Member 119 wrote about difficulties lodging Annual Payment Summaries which had been printed from their payroll software (MYOB) for 2014. The ATO advised by letter that the Summaries had been received but could not be processed; however, when subsequently telephoned, the ATO denied having received the Summaries.



"Member 119 wrote concerning letters sent to clients who had lodged annual reports consisting of payment summaries printed from the clients’ payroll software.

It has never been acceptable to lodge in this way. The annual report can only be lodged

  • on paper using ATO printed forms, or
  • as an electronic file, either online or using physical media such as disks of flash drives. This is made clear in our web guidance, under ‘Reporting using paper forms’:

If you are using up to date payroll software then you can produce an acceptable electronic file for online lodgment. 

We cannot process self printed payment summaries. This year we have been educating employers who have lodged in this way and sent letters explaining what is required for an acceptable lodgment. These are the letters received by the clients of Member 119. We are hoping this information will help them."