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MEMBER 277 writes:

"Each year I get at least one client who is in a terrible mess and I help them out. I feel that this is an obligation as I did get my degree for nothing (no HECS) and I like to give back.

This year it was a client who was caught out by a mass marketed superannuation fund set up scheme who had not lodged the superannuation fund returns for many years. The client was obviously not capable of running the fund and I completed the outstanding years. The fund had opened a share account in the wrong name in the first year.

I can assure you getting the accounts and audit done independently was not an easy task.

I looked to completing the contravention report online via ELS as I have done in the past, but no, the ATO has removed this facility and replaced it with something I gave up trying to load onto my computer. I can understand why the ATO is not getting many Superannuation fund contravention reports.

I then obtained the manual report advising of the contravention and how there was only $5k in the super fund which the client rolled out and ceased its operations because he was not capable of operating the fund.

I have now received a letter from the ATO advising that the contravention report has to be completed for each year (9 separate times). Oh, and they will not accept photocopies even though the contravention was unchanged for each period in question.

Talk about reducing red tape. Thanks ATO, I should have sent the client to you to make them non-complying and you could have your $2.5K. Nothing there now, though.

I know of a number of people who have funds who have not lodged for multiple years. The ATO has now made this far too hard and inefficient for me to do even if I were to charge full rate. I will never do this again.

Talk about 'shooting yourself in the foot'. Well done, ATO."