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MEMBER 218 writes:

"On 31 October we spent the greater part of the day trying to lodge tax returns electronically.

A phone call to our software provider advised us they had been inundated with the same issues. They advised that the ATO had told them the Brisbane and Sydney gateways were down - only Melbourne was working, but their feedback was many people were unable to lodge via this either. This was also our experience.

The downtime is frustrating, and we expect slow lodgement on a deadline day - but that’s not the key issue.

There was NO COMMUNICATION from the ATO concerning this - up to the time of this email – 3.33pm.

Where was the ATO communication advising there is a problem?

Where was the ATO communication advising what options are available to tax agents trying to lodge?

Where was a practical solution for tax agents – for a major problem not of their making - communicated in a timely and effective manner?

I lodged a complaint with the ATO, the ATO officer was pleasant, had no information but tried to help by taking a complaint and making a feedback form. All they could offer was to make individual extension requests!! Practically - it counts for nothing.

Why could the ATO not allow returns lodged up to Friday be treated as lodged by 31 October.

It's not the ATO who bears the brunt of this - it is tax agents and their clients."

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