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MEMBER 176 writes:


"Why is the ATO not capable of including Employee Share Scheme statement details on a taxpayer’s Portal prefill report?  The employer for one of my clients issued the required ESS statement on 30 June 2013, yet here we are in August 2013 and the details still do not show up on the prefill.  It would greatly assist us if this information were verifiable, especially where taxpayers are either unaware or misunderstand the nature of share/options issues.


And another gripe, is it at all likely that the links to ATO publications on the ATO website will be fixed? Currently the entire search function on the ATO website is a joke and most of the links to pages simply do not work. It is now completely impossible to find even the most basic of reference points, and I can no longer, with any confidence, provide direct links to ATO information for my clients to access. If the ATO was a pay for service client, their business would be in the toilet by now."