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MEMBER 27 writes:

"We have belatedly realised that the ATO is now sending ECT assessments directly to clients. This is despite the fact that the advance warning letters and account statements (which would normally accompany an ECT assessment) are sent to the tax agent - as we would expect.

When queried on this, the ATO indicated that because the assessment is related to super, the assessment goes to the address recorded for the member in the super fund, even though the assessment is under an individual TFN.

Is there anything that can be done to address this foolishness? The ATO, it seems, are not interested in our firm’s constructive advice." 

THE TAX INSTITUTE’S TAX COUNSEL, THILINI WICKRAMASURIYA, COMMENTS: “This issue has been referred to the ATO Tax Practitioner Advisory Group and we will keep members informed of the ATO’s response.”