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26 Oct 1212 On excess super contributions notices & release forms

MEMBER 214 writes:

"In the good old days the ATO would issue Excess Contribution Tax Notices and sometime later send out voluntary release forms, or the other way around, often years after the event. We received them being the Postal Address. So we would hold the papers and compile them so a client would know what is going on when forwarding on.

In the last few days we have had a few release forms, but no assessments.

It now comes to light the miracle computer sends the Assessments to some street address it has, and the release forms to the TAG address.

Can't some Assistant Commissioner, or First Assistant Commissioner, or even a process designer do the bleeding obvious and put both in the same envelope and use the postal address on the last tax return lodged (or CU update).

It is another example, Commissioner, of how your management don’t care or think how they affect the practices of TAGs.

So, saying how valuable TAGs are is simply disingenuous to what happens and how we have to waste our time dealing with silly matters."

MEMBER 215 writes about the same issue:

"The ATO should explain why it forwards an Excess Contributions Tax Notice of Assessment directly to the client's mailing address, however, it forwards the release authority forms to the tax agent. Both forms should be sent to the tax agent."

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