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MEMBER 30 writes:

"We have been informed by the ATO that the reason taxpayers are being selected for FBT audits is that the FBT tab in the trust tax return has not been completed.

My obvious response was: 'Where is this tab on the trust tax return?' The ATO officer could not locate it.

The ATO officer then questioned the fact that a service record/receipt indicated new tyres had been fitted to a car. The ATO officer could not accept that the car needed new tyres with that many kms recorded (therefore, log book must be wrong?) and insisted on a letter from the manufacturer for clarity.

We then settled and negotiated for a letter from the service centre rather than from the car manufacturer (located in Germany).

Why do we have to deal with people that are so badly informed, with no reason and no logic?

We wasted our and the client's time and had to get the service centre involved."