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MEMBER 204 writes:

"We recently received an email from the ATO telling us that our lodgment performance of 2013 FBT returns was well short of the 85% target.

Knowing that their % calculation was incorrect, I faxed a request for copy of our 'FBT client list'.

3 weeks later we received the purported list, which includes very many former clients, none of whom have lodged FBT returns for many years!

(We wonder whether ATO has done anything during those years to encourage lodgment?)

We've already correctly lodged CU forms advising the ATO that these taxpayers are no longer our clients. What else to do?

The frustration in dealings with the ATO is endless (and mindless). It is impossible to talk to anyone there who can explain what's (not) going on.

Besides venting in TAXVINE (which is successfully therapeutic), how do other practitioners sensibly manage these issues?"