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MEMBER 40 writes: 

"I phoned the ATO bright and early on Monday morning to request a GST registration for a client.

I was gobsmacked to be told 'We no longer process registrations by phone. You have to use the Portal.' 

Clearly a lame attempt by the ATO to force accountants to use their horrid pothole. 

So I tried the pothole, to be greeted by the familiar regular message 'System Unavailable'.  Aarrrrrgh!

When will somebody at ATO wake up to the fact that their systems are broken ? 

I considered using a form or a letter, and reminded myself to ensure that it was sent by Registered Post. Ordinary mail addressed to the ATO has a nasty habit of becoming lost somewhere in their mailroom, and never gets processed or answered.

Not a great start to the week. It can only get better. 

What can be done to assist or encourage the ATO to maintain at least a minimum level of service?"