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MEMBER 145 writes:

"Why isn't the following information available via the Tax Agents Portal:

a) Calculation of payout of HECS/HELP debts
b) Payment details for HECS/HELP debts (only income tax and "Integrated Account Details" are shown)?

My staff have just wasted 28.5 minutes of their valuable (and expensive) time on the phone to obtain this information. Not only is this wasting our time which we'll have trouble recovering from the client, it's also a waste of ATO personnel's time (which we all pay for).

Furthermore, the most helpful staff member advised us not to use the Tax Agents services "HELP" fast key code if 121 as this, for some reason, does not go to the "HELP" section but to general enquiries, but it's best to use the normal "public" phone number of 1300 650 225 as this at least goes direct to the "HELP" section.

I was further advised that the HELP payment details aren't shown on the Portal for "security reasons". What the...? So it's OK to have details of how to pay income tax and BAS taxes but not HELP!

Can the Taxation Institute please add these issues to the ever growing list of points to raise & be addressed with the ATO (or should it be renamed the "AIO" [Australian Incompetent Office])."

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