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MEMBER 154 writes:

"I received an email from the ATO on 15 July 2014 listing several of my clients who receive lodgment concessions for their annual PAYG withholding summary. It stated they had until the due date for lodgment of their tax return to lodge this form. No problems, I thought, I will wait and lodge many at the same time instead of lodging them when I received them. Imagine my surprise today as I opened the mail to find three on the list have received failure to lodge on time warning letters. It is not even the due date for lodgement of tax returns for persons not using a tax agent, let alone the due date for clients of tax agent tax returns. 

Why can’t the ATO get this correct? How do we get this 'late lodgement' off the clients’ accounts so no penalties apply in future, if they are late? Why send us a list of business who receive this concession if they do not apply the concession?"