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In 2014 TAXVINE No 37 (10 October 2014), Member 154 wrote about receiving late lodgment warning letters before the due date for lodgment.


"In edition 37, Member 154 queried warning letters which issued to clients in relation to the lodgement of their PAYG Withholding annual reports.

An error was made in the computer system which manages deferred due dates for these reports. As a result, failure to lodge penalty notices and warning letters were incorrectly issued to some employers who had correctly lodged their 2014 PAYG payment summary annual reports before the intended due dates.  These notices and letters have been issued from 12 September 2014 onwards.  We are working to prevent further incorrect notices and letters issuing and expect to have this resolved by 15 October 2014.  We are also identifying the affected employers and will be cancelling the incorrect penalties that were raised or removing the incorrect warning letter postings from their accounts. Affected clients will receive an apology letter from us explaining the action taken."