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MEMBER 87 writes:

“What cheeses me off?

Letters like this from the ATO.

I lodged an application on the Portal on Friday 13th May for an extension of time in which to lodge this (and other) Company.

I asked for an extension to 30.6.11.

This letter issues on 27 May – saying you have lodged late – How does the ATO know that? The application is apparently not due to be considered until 13 June 2011.

So if the ATO can tell me that date so precisely, WHY can’t it stop its own ‘system’ from spitting out these letters every year?????

The second last sentence in the ATO letter implores the Company to seek ATO assistance in the future before the lodgment due date – THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT I DID.

Every year I suggest that they stop today and improve the ‘system’ by stopping the mail out of these letters until all applications for an extension have been processed and every year I am told ‘Oh – we can’t change the System’  - Once again the SYSTEM is controlling all thought in the ATO.

Very frustrating!!!!!!”

 MEMBER 88 writes:

“Is anybody else receiving letters from the ATO to their clients advising that their return was lodged late, even though it was lodged before the 6th June extended due date?”