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MEMBER 118 writes: 

"We often electronically lodge or correct client BAS via the Tax Agent Portal for clients who prefer to receive their BAS via the post.

From 1 July 2014 the system of BAS delivery defaults to electronic (rather than to the post) after we make such a lodgment or change. We are starting to spend too much time having to contact the ATO to request that delivery revert back to the post.

I request that the ATO either:

  • Revert to the previous system; or
  • Update the Tax Agent Portal to either allow changes of BAS delivery method or prompt whether a change to electronic delivery is desired.

TAX COUNSEL THILINI WICKRAMASURIYA COMMENTS: As previously noted in TAXVINE, the ATO’s initiative to stop paper activity statements for electronic lodgers has been discussed at the ATO Tax Practitioner Advisory Group and The Tax Institute has been broadly supportive of this initiative.