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MEMBER 161 writes:

"Our firm lodges BAS amendments via the Portal exclusively, and we choose to amend Activity Statements rather than make corrections on the next BAS. So most clients usually require some form of amendment. We are then forced to call the ATO to change a large proportion back to paper lodgment (as the CU or Portal option is only available for the ELS method). 

It is taking about 5 minutes or more per client. I hope the ATO enjoy the apparent cost savings. The solution has been suggested here before but can you please keep pushing it onto the ATO -  if an agent lodges a Portal or ELS amendment when the last BAS was lodged by paper, leave it as paper.  And/or restore the functionality of being able to change the delivery preference by Portal and ELS in all cases, even if just until the next electronic lodgment. They’ll still convert massive quantities to electronic only, but these two small tweaks will make everyone’s life a little easier including the ATO call centre staff."