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MEMBER 214 writes:

"In April this year I thought I would make sure that any client who did not have to lodge a tax return for the 2012 financial year had a non-lodgment status update with the ATO. I got into the Portal and many were not accepted. I then contacted the ATO who said there was an issue with the Portal and the 'return not necessary' information. I was told to do a CU form via ELS for the relevant clients.

This I did and have validation reports to verify the ATO's acceptance. In June, I noticed they were not updated to the client information on the Portal so sent the information to TAXVINE, only to find this was a common issue. Thanks to The Tax Institute, I received a phone call from the ATO confirming all was well and the ATO had updated all the relevant non-lodgment information.

Recently I downloaded a client list only to find the data was not updated and many of my clients have an overdue tax return and early lodgment date for their 2013 tax returns as they have not lodged their 2012 tax return. I again have tried to put in tax return non-lodgment details on the Portal only for it again not to be accepted.

Is the Portal still not working for tax returns not required? Have I been told incorrect information that the previous data was accepted? How can I meet my lodgment program requirements if the ATO cannot or will not or is unable to do the work needed to be done so I can obtain my 85% on time lodgments?

Why are tax agents penalised for ATO inefficiencies?"