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MEMBER 180 writes:

"I keep receiving a letter for clients from the ATO entitled 'Your new PAYG instalment details and payment options'.

I don't understand it and I have not yet found anyone in the ATO who can tell me what it means, but of course the 'System' is too big to change or fix it.

The letter says the client can pay 'one annual instalment'.

In the table at the bottom of the letter, line three says 'Your annual instalment amount is $X'.

You would think that this is the amount the body of the letter is referring to as 'one annual instalment' but the ATO has told me: 'No, of course it isn't - the annual instalment is the amount on the last line of the table called "Your Notional Tax adjusted for GDP", which equals $Y'.

So you ask them: 'OK what's the third line amount called "Your annual instalment amount is $X" supposed to be then? What's it there for?'

They say 'We have no idea'.

Stop the World please, I want to get off."

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