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MEMBER 56 writes:

“The ATO has been sending emails advising us that paper activity statements will no longer be sent out after 1st July 2014 where previously they have been lodged electronically.

We lodge most of our clients’ activity statements electronically after the client has provided us with the paper activity statement and the appropriate records for the quarter.

The paper statement sent to the taxpayers acts as a trigger to remind them to either do it themselves or to provide us with the relevant information.

This will not happen if paper statements are not sent out and some clients do not have electronic facilities and rely on us for lodgment.

The ATO needs to rethink and the TIA needs to take this matter up with the ATO as a matter of urgency.

This proposed change will certainly not work and is not practical for country practices.”

TAX COUNSEL THILINI WICKRAMASURIYA ATI COMMENTS: “The ATO initiative to stop paper activity statements for electronic lodgers has been discussed at the ATO Tax Practitioners Advisory Group (ATPAG). Some practitioners have raised the issue of the paper activity statement acting as a lodgment reminder in this forum, however the Tax Institute is broadly supportive of the ATO initiative.”

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