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MEMBER 29 writes:

"I am having quite an issue with BAS going missing under the new ATO electronic lodgement regime.

If I lodge a BAS through my portal I understand that it then goes electronic. My issue is that there is no easy way to change back to paper. The ATO advise to update to paper on the portal (page QC41414) but this does not work!! There is no method here to update.

I have also lodged CU forms to cease receiving activity statements electronically (my assumption being that it would then revert to paper) but these CU forms appear to go missing – even after having received a validation report.

The lady at the ATO advised me that we should get all clients to use the business portal, and that most people find this easier. I am not sure where these statistics come from as most of my clients prefer to receive a paper BAS once a quarter to remind them to lodge, and the complexity of setting up a business portal is quite difficult for quite a lot of small clients."