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MEMBER 114 writes:

"I have just finalised a client’s 2009 and 2010 Income Tax Returns. I started these jobs back in March 2012 and the client has only just got back to me with query answers.

The Portal Pre-Filling Reports downloaded back in March 2012 shows PAYG Salary & wages Information plus Item 24Y & D10 ATO interest + PAYG Instalments & bank interest.

The same report for 2010 printed out today does not show 24Y & D10 ATO interest + PAYG Instalments. I rang the ATO and was advised that it is ok the credit will still show up on the client’s assessment notice. I explained to the lady that is not what my query is. My query is why isn’t it showing up? They have said they will get back to me within 3 working days.

The 2009 Pre Filling Report shows the same items today as it did back in March 2012."