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MEMBER 131 writes:

“Another week – more portal problems. ATO advises they are having ‘technical difficulties’. What great timing. Is anyone doing anything about this?”

MEMBER 132 writes:

“I find matters quite amazing.

We have been advised that the Tax Agent Portal was to be dead for the usual end of year updating until 10.00 am today, Sunday. Well it is now 3.00 pm, some five hours later and it is still not working.

The ATO have a go at us poor tax agents, but we now have to do all of their work and yet they appear completely uninterested in updating their web page as to when the tax agent portal may be working again.

What a disgrace this is. When are the ATO going to actually care about tax agents and support them? We get demanded to reply to the ATO correspondence immediately and or within five days and yet they appear to be unable to get the simplest of upgrades to work and function.

But, hey, this may well not be the fault of the ATO as the ASIC site is having issues and they are linked together.

Just sometime a person at the ATO may actually care to update their resource and system pages and actually offer some suggestion as to when the tax portal may work again.

What a complete mess as usual from the ATO.”