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MEMBER 15 writes:


"Are any other readers experiencing difficulties in having ‘tax return not necessary’ or deletion of the client through the Portal processed?  A phone enquiry to the ATO confirmed that this was a known problem dating back some months, with no timeline available for the problem to be ‘fixed’.

These cases have ranged from no need to file further tax returns as the taxpayer is now retired and going onto the aged pension, to declining to file a tax return to claim a $12 franking credit, to removing a client who filed their own tax return since using the agent’s services, but with a tax bill remaining outstanding. 

So how do we know if we are on track to meet our lodgment requirement? Apart from the obvious fact that some adults can actually determine that they are unlikely to have to file another tax return, it looks as if it may be one way for the ATO to deal with recalcitrant taxpayers - leave them as the responsibility of the agent, instead of having to get the ATO staff to pursue them."