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04 Apr 1313 On postal addresses for March 2013 BAS and IAS

MEMBER 63 writes:
"What on earth is that $800m ATO computer up to now? In our firm, we make sure that all BAS and IAS are posted directly to the client. We only receive about 10 to 12 per quarter in our office.
Upon checking the Portal we notice that the client's address is listed as the postal address, so I ask again - What on earth is that $800m ATO computer doing?
Today, we have received approximately 200 of these lovely forms. Do I:
1. Shred them?
2. Put them all in an envelope back to the ATO marked 'Return to Sender'?
3. Waste our precious time posting each one to our clients? or
4. Scan them and email them to each one to our clients?
I really do not appreciate being put in this position, just a few days before a critical lodgment date."

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