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MEMBER 158 writes:

"Last year's experience showed that clients with large refunds were delayed where the client's PAYG Summary was not in the Prefill. Obviously a fraudulent client.

So to baby sit the ATO this year, we are holding returns for large refunds until the PAYG Summary shows.

Apparently lots of government departments and large national companies have not lodged their Annual PAYG reports. However, I am sure the ATO is completely up to date and have populated the information they have received, that nothing is sitting around not done, and that all is up to date.

Wow, there goes that flying pig past my window again."

THE TAX INSTITUTE'S TAX COUNSEL, STEPHANIE CAREDES, COMMENTS: "Member 158, your feedback in relation to PAYG Summaries will be passed on to the ATO during the weekly Tax Time 2012 discussions held with the ATO. These weekly discussions are held during Tax Time 2012 for the purpose of raising with the ATO any processing issues that are arising with Tax Time 2012 lodgments. For any other members experiencing issues with Tax Time 2012, please email us the details at TaxPolicy so we can communicate them to the ATO to then be addressed."

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