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MEMBER 159 writes:

"Greetings. The new ABR website cannot cope with the registration for a trust with a corporate trustee. This is acknowledged by the ATO."

MEMBER 160 writes:

"My client operates its business via a family trust with a corporate trustee.

He wants to attach the Registered Business name to the ABN of XYZ Family Trust.

I tried to do that for him via the new ASIC procedures in mid-June.

Received the ASIC reply that they won't do this as the Business Name was registered by XYZ Pty Ltd (the Trustee).

I thought a Trust was a relationship (not an entity) so presumably the Business Name application was done correctly having the Trustee apply for the Name.

The ABR records the details of the Trust - it's the thing operating the business and therefore it's the thing with an ABN so why can't I record the Business Name against the Trust's ABN (for when the public does searches)?

Am I missing something?"

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