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MEMBER 29 writes:

"Thank you Commissioner for a Portal that comes to a halt at around 3pm Perth Time pretty well daily. Has been consistently useless at around this time for the past 3 weeks. I can log in OK but that is pretty well it. Here is an example of what I get. 

System unavailable -

The portal is currently experiencing ('is currently' are the ATO's two most overused words of the YEAR) some technical difficulties. We apologise for this inconvenience. If the problem continues, contact us on 13 72 86 (Fast Key Code 33).

Error # 051678854383_0209512 - contact us on 13 72 86 (Fast Key Code 33). USELESS, they cannot do anything so why tell us to ring?

I look forward to the Commissioner congratulating us tax agents as he often does when we are powerless to do anything. He and his staff are obviously in denial as to everyday problems faced by us tax agents.

I applaud The Tax Institute for bringing our problems to the ATO but unfortunately I think The Tax Institute is just repeating the same complaints over and over again with the ATO with little or no results.

Well I must get back to logging in again. For the 8th time in the past 30 minutes."

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