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MEMBER 28 writes:

"I find it quite distressing that the ATO appears to be forcing the Client and the Tax Agent to now provide the bank accounts details to the ATO if the client is and may be due for a refund from 1st July 2013. Should such bank details not be provided then one must presume that the ATO will refuse to issue the Refund to the Client.

This has again the potential to waste a great many more hours for the Tax Agent and as such the ATO will fail to accept that this is legitimate and will not recognise the time spent and still penalise the tax agent for not meeting their lodgment program.

This is a disgrace, the ATO regularly fail to issue the correct refund as we well know, they now appear to refuse to issue a cheque as this costs them money in printing costs, they now also appear to require every client with a refund due to provide their bank account details so that these may be saved and kept for some future ATO possible garnishee or other action."

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