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MEMBER 44 writes:

“If the Federal Treasurer and the PM are serious about reducing red tape surely the first item on the agenda ought to be raising the GST compulsory registration limit from the current figure to say $150k, thus saving the ATO many hours etc, paper, etc and people engaged in compliance work enforcing brickies, painters, plumbers, a multitude of other tradies, motor mechanics, fabricators, website designers and computer technicians from having to complete a BAS form, with minimal loss to revenue, as I know of no products used by the above that they do not pay GST on. The list of potential savings goes on and on, and then the ATO personnel could be released for more productive work or even reduction in numbers employed.

Superannuation, SMSFs: WHY is it still necessary for the ATO to be involved at all in a mum and dad fund that has converted to the pension phase and the only persons involved are mum and dad, and yet an audit is still required, and an income tax return submitted on which no tax is payable when both parties have reached the pension age and satisfied the conditions of release?”

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