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MEMBER 228 writes:

"ATO media release No 2013/25  dated 1 October 2013, let us know that the ATO records show that email scams increased from 3,586 to over fifteen thousand, over a three month period compared to the prior year. This is, in my view, a threat to the administration of income tax.

The shocker is that the ATO mixes the news with the 31 October lodgment deadline! They are two different issues of varying importance from opposite perspectives. A scam is targeting  the simple individual and likely causing no loss to the ATO while a tardy and slack approach to lodgment may delay the assessment of income tax and upset the ATO’s own management and reporting to Government.

I have received 2 enquiries this week from clients on this issue. They concerned an email scam for bank account details which appeared convincing and I will forward the information to ATO. This issue should be nationally advertised and matters should be brought to the court when and if anyone is ever caught. Do the ATO still advertise Taxation issues or does it rely on freebies from media supporting the compliance model?

When the ATO tells us about scams and other rorts, are we expected to be 'my brother's  keeper'?"