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MEMBER 276 writes:

"In last week's TAXVINE - see 2013 TAXVINE No 47 (6 December 2013) - under the heading 'ATO Tax Practitioner Advisory Group' in the Senior Tax Counsel's Report, it is stated at the first bullet point: 'The ATO advised the starting point...standard is 28 days with exceptions for particular circumstances, such as for refunds'.

As a tax practitioner, I find it very hard to remember when I have been given 28 days. Even for audits that might have gone on for months, and we are given a large position paper with lots of information, we get 14 days to respond (often coincidently this occurs in July/August /September), a recent GST audit exactly this. In this GST audit case, the ATO Manager blankly refused to allow any more time than 14 days.

Unfortunately we are being told porkies from where I sit. We do not get 28 days as a standard.

And 3 days for GST refunds, often quite impossible, and usually no flexibility."