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MEMBER 25 writes:

"Under Single Touch Payroll, it is proposed that employers be required to electronically report payroll and super information to the ATO when employees are paid, using SBR enabled software. 

How will this proposal be implemented for the thousands of small business employers who don't use any 'SBR enabled software'? Lots of small businesses happily keep track of simple payroll amounts in a spreadsheet, or on the back of an old envelope.

Perhaps this ever increasing compliance burden on small business will require more forms for the ATO to process? Or worse, employers will need to do all the extra work and logon to some ATO web page and enter a bunch of payroll details.

Or maybe the ATO plans to release some SBR enabled Payroll Software for small employers to use?

Too many questions. Too many unknowns. Might be Single Touch for the ATO, BUT will be very many touches for everybody else.

Is The Tax Institute having any meaningful input to this rather strange proposal?" 

TAX COUNSEL THILINI WICKRAMASURIYA COMMENTS: The ATO has recently released a discussion paper on their proposal to use “Single Touch Payroll”. The discussion paper can be accessed here. Please send your comments through to Tax Policy by Friday 27 February 2015 so that we can include them in The Tax Institute's submission.