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MEMBER 39 writes:

"Sometime ago I noticed a speech by Second Commissioner Geoff Leeper about ATO’s electronic service strategy and Standard Business Reporting (SBR).

Of course it extols the virtues of Standard business Reporting etc. Obviously a big project, lots of money and time being spent on it, lots of quoted positive outcomes and efficiencies for ATO, business and, of course, TAGs. Notably, the ELS service is to be 'switched off' and replaced with SBR from 2015-16.

Reads a bit like the Change Program, which proper title was funny enough - 'Making it easier to comply'.  Remember that one? Well over time, well over budget, and it delivered very little to TAGs, all that fun time with pages of Notices of Assessments and Statements of Account (but no improvements to Portal etc).

I trust Mr Leeper knows of the 'success' of the Change Program, the fact that it did not produce any significant ease in complying.

Perhaps Members need to be watchful of the SBR and be braced for the advancements from 2015-16."